Be connected.

More than ever before, we interact within a global community

In order to embrace possibilities and take advantage of opportunities, we ensure our students are informed, inspired and connected from an early age.

At Girls Grammar Junior School we actively teach our students to think and act as global citizens. At every opportunity the students are encouraged to adopt a world perspective on their learning and living.

Our school community itself is a rich gathering of cultures with strong ties to the Diplomatic Corps and the Australian Defence Forces. Our student body speaks more than 40 languages other than English and has connections with over 50 countries other than our own.

School News ...

School News ...

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An International Perspective

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The School community is a rich gathering of different cultures.

Learning through international relationships

A school in rural Kenya has changed its name from the Mwangaza Academy to the Canberra Sunshine Academy in acknowledgement of the relationship that has been forged between the African school and Canberra Girls Grammar School.

French Plays in the Junior School

French Plays in the Junior School

The plays, taught in the twice weekly French lessons are the culmination of the year’s teaching and learning.

“This has opened their eyes to the realities of life for a child in a poverty stricken third world country. It has been very moving for a number of our students” – Heather Ablett, Head of CGGS Junior School.

In March 2014 Junior School students raised more than $1,000  for the Canberra Sunshine Academy.  Students had to dress up as part of the fundraising effort. The aid project has been organised through the Canberra-based Global School Partners Program which links schools in Australia with schools in Africa to create “an environment of mutual support and learning”.

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More than $1,000 raised for the Canberra Sunshine Academy.

Thinking of others

Through our pastoral care house system, our students are encouraged to become active participants in all school activities and to support the work of external community organisations through fundraising and other opportunities.

In 2012 our Year 6 students took part in the inaugural CGGS Inequality Conference. The students listened to keynote speakers talk about issues of inequality and learn about the work done by organisations such as Oxfam, the Yellow Van, St Vincent de Paul, AusAID, the Red Cross, Companion House and World Vision to address world-wide inequality. At the conference Penny Williams, Global Ambassador for Women and Girls, highlighted the plight of women. Issues of gender inequality were also emphasised by Chantelle Baxter from ‘The Girl Project’ which works to educate girls in Sierra Leone.

Community service enables students to do something active for people in need. Thinking of others is more powerful when it can be linked to action. 

Thinking of Others

Thinking of Others

Katerina (Year 6) and Anastasia (Year 7) with their dad John raised more than $15000 in 2013 for the One Girl charity.