The co-curricular program in the Junior School is an integral part of the educational experience and includes all activities that support, enhance or complement the formal academic curriculum. It is based on the philosophy that personal growth occurs when students and staff can access a broad range of experiences. This range of co-curricular activities provides opportunities for students to explore their passions and interests, to find new pastimes and to develop leadership skills.

The program promotes the value of active participation in the School, the local community and the global community. Success in future studies, employment and life itself can result for those who have a balanced approach to work and broader social commitments and who have developed their capacity to work effectively with others.

Our program offers each student the opportunity to explore and cultivate their passions and interests, to be inspired to discover their own potential, to showcase their talents and develop leadership, self-confidence and pride.  Each teacher, parent and volunteer has  the opportunity to build relationships, to enhance connectedness with students and to further develop their own personal and professional journey.