Be balanced.

Canberra Girls Grammar School nurtures children in a manner that is inclusive of families and forms genuine life-long relationships

Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School invites students and their families to be part of our balanced approach to learning and growth-encouraging strong school spirit and inclusiveness, friendship, achievement and play.

When you join our school family you become part of a special community in which every member is respected for their individuality, and where you will meet life-long friends. While its foundation is the wisdom and traditions of the Anglican Church, CGGS is a global school that welcomes families from around the world.

From the youngest students in our Early Learning Centre (ELC) to the members of The Grammarians’ Association, it is a community promising support, security and success.

School News ...

School News ...

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The CGGS Family

CGGS was founded in 1926 by the Sisters of the Church and has grown with the city of Canberra. Our Junior School campus on Grey Street celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2012. The ELC is still relatively new, having opened its doors in 2004. Architecturally designed to create a stimulating, challenging and safe environment, reflecting the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, the ELC promotes learning and play in the first stages of a sequential program that leads into the junior primary years. The ELC curriculum uses the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

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Year 6 students visit the Science Wing at the Senior School.

Families are part of a balanced approach to learning

Families are part of a balanced approach to learning

Every student is aware that someone is looking out for them and is also encouraged to take care of others.


A sense of belonging and connectedness to school is crucial for students to succeed. It is one of the major factors that indicate the health of a school and the wellbeing of its students.

CGGS Junior School encourages the building of relationships and opportunities for friendship and mentoring between younger and older students, which in turn contributes to a student’s sense of belonging within the school community. Every student is aware that someone is looking out for them and is also encouraged to take care of others.

The House system is the basis of our Pastoral Care Program at CGGS. We focus on the whole person through a combination of practical activities within house groups to build personal relationships, where students can be both healthy and happy.

Friends for Life

Friends for Life

Grace (Year 4) with Maryam (Year 4) in 2013.

Everyone works together to create and maintain a caring and disciplined environment so that students can develop their self-esteem and confidence.

The strength of our Pastoral Care Program is that it is practical and focused. Through the house system CGGS offers a range of annual events, such as house breakfasts, house chapels and house performance assemblies. There are also house competitions – not just in sport but also for chorales and public speaking, for instance. In this way, students learn to set goals, work as a team and develop leadership skills.

Regular visits are conducted to the Senior School campus on Melbourne Avenue to familiarise Junior School students with Senior School faces and facilities.

Pastoral Care is and Important Part of the Teaching and Learning Experience

'Better Buddies' is a popular and successful pastoral care initiative run every second week in the Junior School at Year 5 and Preparatory level. It taps into the needs of students at both these grade levels. In Year 5, the student carefully plans and prepares activities for the younger students; developing leadership and organisational skills and encouraging our students to reflect on the values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility. This opportunity to listen to and mentor a younger buddy helps develop a sense of independence and confidence in the older student that will stand them in good stead as they progress into high school.

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Liliane (Year 1) with buddy Ella (Year 5) in 2013.

The 'FRIENDS for Life Program' aims to help children learn to manage feelings, especially anxious feelings, and take on life’s challenges with a positive attitude.  The program, pioneered by internationally acclaimed researcher and practitioner, Dr Paula Barrett, is also cited by the World Health Organisation as one that “teaches children skills to cope with anxiety more effectively and builds emotional resilience, problem-solving abilities and self-confidence.”

Our 'Peer Mediation Program' is a leadership initiative open to all Year 6 students and aims to provide a school environment that is positive, caring, safe and friendly. Peer mediation teaches students, particularly those in Junior Primary, to resolve low-level conflicts using trained Year 6 students as mediators.