At CGGS we encourage students to value the opportunities that are made available to them in pursuing not only their academic studies but their interests in a range of co-curricular activities. The co-curricular program provides opportunities for students to explore their passions and interests, to find new pastimes and to develop leadership skills. 

Designed to complement and balance the curriculum, the program encourages participation by every student, regardless of their skill level. The skills and knowledge gained from such pursuits ensures that our students are able to meet the challenges of our society with confidence.

One of the key benefits of being part of a large school community such as CGGS is that it has the resources to offer a considerable choice of co-curricular activities. Students in the Senior School can select from a range of activities, including :

  • involvement in Melbourne Avenue Media (the film crew);
  • production of Burrawi the annual School student magazine;
  • competitions in maths, science, English and other languages;
  • debating and public speaking;
  • choirs and music ensembles; and
  • a range of competitive sporting activities.

We believe that a wide-ranging co-curricular program provides for an holistic education where students can compete, participate and engage in activities outside the normal classroom situation.