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Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) provides exceptional facilities for students and their families

Students are encouraged to take advantage of learning in the nation’s capital – the large number of national institutions at hand, the comprehensive tertiary options and myriad career paths available, the cultural communities from which to learn – and many excursions within Canberra provide easy access to these enhanced opportunities.

Opportunities at CGGS

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Senior School student Jenny defends the mouth of the goal. Hockey is one of many co-curricular activities offered at CGGS.

An A to Z of opportunities

From Amnesty International to Zumba, CGGS offers a wide-ranging and eclectic co-curricular program to enhance student participation in school life, encourage development of personal interests and for students to achieve individual successes in a chosen field.

At CGGS, students are provided with many leadership opportunities: from the captain of the touch football team to the head of the student body; from being first violin in the school orchestra to the leading role in the school production; and from the chair of the Student Representative Council to the leaders of every school club.

"In our School, girls see strong female role models and understand that they too can achieve successful outcomes from their own efforts. Every girl can participate, influence, lead and succeed" - Anne Coutts, Principal.

Opportunities to lead

We challenge our students to see leadership as more than just a badge of honour. To be a great leader, a person must serve others with insight, humility and sensitivity. By encouraging and nurturing leadership qualities in this way, we help students to become strong, independent people, who can make the most of opportunities and be a force for good.

The School expects its student leaders to reflect on their roles in depth and to inspire and empower others to see leadership in this way.

Opportunities to excel

CGGS fields the largest and most successful Junior Dragon Boat Club in Australia. The popular sport of Dragon Boating was introduced to the city of Canberra in 1990, although its history dates back more than 2,000 years. Modern dragon boats are powered by up to 20 paddlers in pairs, plus a sweep (who stands at the back of the boat and steers using a ‘sweep’ oar) and a drummer seated at the front. Our school crews train on Lake Burley Griffin and at the CGGS owned Elizabeth McKay Aquatic Centre. More than 120 girls and boys form the Combined Canberra Grammar Schools Dragon Boat Club. The Club has competed in two world championships representing Australia and in 2012 sent two women’s, two mixed and one open crew to the 2012 World Club Crew Championships in Hong Kong.

“Phones and tablets are easy to use, and very portable. Most students have an internet accessing device so why not use them in the classroom under the teacher’s guidance? It’s like having a second teacher on duty to expand the topic via the internet without stopping the teacher’s information flow to the class.” - Claire (Year 10).

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In a fast paced and ever-changing world, students need ready and reliable access to the latest information and technology.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows senior students to access the internet through their own devices in the classroom.

Staff and students can access the internet and school-owned software programs from personal devices in and out of the school grounds.

Crucially and hand-in-hand with increased internet access, CGGS educates students on appropriate online behaviour. Through the e-learning program students are encouraged to post online points of view persuasively yet sensitively. They are encouraged to consider others’ viewpoints without needing to accept them and they are taught to consider the consequences of any action before it’s taken.

Canberra Girls Grammar School offers a number of scholarships every year, providing financial assistance towards general school tuition, for study in the performing arts and for boarding.



The Gabriel Boarding Scholarships are funded by The Gabriel Foundation, which exists to gather funds and support for the school. We are indebted to the Foundation for its support. 

The scholarships provide up to 50 per cent remission of boarding fees until the completion of Year 12.


Vivien first became associated with CGGS when her eldest daughter commenced at the School in 1987 followed by her second daughter in 1992.  Both daughters graduated from the School in Year 12 in 1994 and 1997, respectively. Vivien was a member of the CGGS Parents and Friends Association from 1989 and 1994, and then joined the Friends of Parents and Friends Association in 1998.

In 1991 Vivien became the Parents and Friends representative on the Gabriel Board and was the Bishop-In-Council Representative from 1999 to 2005.  Vivien was passionate about the Performing Arts and this scholarship is offered by the Gabriel Foundation in her memory.

Canberra is well known for its talent in the performing arts. At CGGS, elective dance extends students’ abilities by providing an understanding of dance through training and broad experience. Elective music extends students’ abilities by providing an understanding of music through the development of analytical, compositional and performance experiences. Elective drama allows students to develop their stage skills and specialise in a range of acting styles both in the classroom and for public performance.

The Vivien Gough Memorial Performing Arts Scholarship provides up to 50 per cent remission of tuition fees for a student to study at CGGS.


Janine Murphy had a long association with CGGS dating back to 1989 when her daughter first entered Junior School. Her son also went to CGGS from Prep to Year 2.

When her children were at the School, Janine was initially involved with the P&F Fete and held positions on the P&F Management Committee. After her children left the School she continued her strong involvement with the School community.

The Janine Murphy Memorial Scholarship provides up to 75 per cent remission of tuition fees for a student to study at CGGS.

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CGGS Scholarships

Scholarships at CGGS can assist with the cost of tuition and boarding.