Pastoral Care

Pastoral care builds and supports the entire school community, making connections between its members. It encompasses all aspects of school life through a combination of structured activities and personal relationships.

The House system is the basis of our Pastoral Care Program at both the Junior and Senior Schools. The aim is that everyone associated with the House works together to create and maintain a caring and disciplined environment in which all students are valued as individuals and have the support necessary to develop their own potential, become independent, deal in a sensitive and courteous manner with others and become interested and involved in the wider community.

In the Senior School, a tutor group system operates within each house. Year 7 tutor groups are year group based, while Years 8, 9 and 10 are vertical in their grouping. Year 11 and 12 tutor groups return to single year groups. Each tutor group consists of up to 15 students and their tutor. The tutor group meets for twenty minutes at the start of the day for a variety of activities. Tutor groups ensure that there is a focus on individual needs as well as on the group as a whole.

A key aspect of pastoral care in the Senior School is a sequential personal development program with specific themes for each year level.  Throughout their time in the Senior School, students will have worked together on themes such as respect, empowerment, emotional intelligence, making wise decisions and leadership.