Be a Boarder.

The Boarding House (or BoHo as it is affectionately called) is an important part of the Canberra Girls Grammar School community

Our boarders develop in both confidence and self-reliance while building long lasting friendships with girls from a variety of backgrounds.

Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) provides the only girls' boarding house in the ACT, conveniently located within easy access to the central business district, road, rail and air transportation, while at the same time offering the advantages of a safe, leafy, almost rural atmosphere.

The Boarding Experience

Boarding here is a happy and fulfilling experience. Our boarding students are members of a positive and lively community where respect, responsibility, initiative, cooperation and endeavour are highly valued.

At CGGS, it is our highest priority to ensure that all girls in our boarding house are nurtured and supported within a safe and secure environment. Staff support the girls in their pursuit of their academic, social and emotional potential and help them to gain independence and success in a structured environment. With a philosophy based on mutual respect, boarding at CGGS adds to the girls' education.

“The boarders in my year have sat together at recess and lunch at school each day since the start of Year 7!” – Grace Pittar, Year 12 Boarder.


Our Boarding House offers accommodation for up to 80 boarders and seven residential staff. Dormitories for up to three boarders are available for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students with double rooms available for Year 11 and single rooms for Year 12 students. Weekly boarding is also available.

Affectionately known as BoHo, the Boarding House is the original three-storey mock Tudor School building established on the Melbourne Avenue site in 1927.  Another wing was added to the original structure in 1980. The wing was named after Miss Una H Mitchell, Headmistress of the School from 1937 to 1946. 

Flexible Boarding Options for modern families

CGGS provides a range of boarding options to meet modern day family needs for flexibility; weekly, flexi (temporary) and occasional boarding as well as traditional full time boarding.

If you are a busy family with many calls on your time, then weekly boarding may take the pressure off. Students have four nights at school (Monday-Thursday) then three nights at home (Friday-Sunday). For many families this is a perfect solution.

International students and students from remote areas choose to board full time. Sometimes flexi boarding is attractive. There maybe one or two nights that your daughter has sport or music or something extra until the evening. Rather than travel in the dark, you can decide to book her in for one or two nights a week for a term (subject to places being available).

If you’re travelling on a holiday for a few weeks, or if there is an illness in the family, you can take up the option of occasional boarding by booking your daughter in for just a week or two. She will be safe, surrounded by friends and have plenty of opportunities for study and activities. You’ll also know that she will be taken to all of her regular co-curricular activities.

Food and Relaxation

The Dining Room provides delicious and well-balanced meals to the boarders. There is a daily lunch special and morning tea is a mixture of home-baked food, fruit and healthy pre-packed food.

A favourite place for boarders to relax is the large Boarders’ Sitting Room which has a kitchenette, glass doors leading out to a paved courtyard, a pool table, cable TV, DVD and library. Music students are free to practise their instruments or have lessons in either of the two music rooms.

All boarders have access to the computer room, which is a network of 20 workstations connected to the internet and the School’s network. Sewing machines are also available for boarders’ use as well as a kitchen for those interested in cooking. Senior students have their own computer room and their own common room with kitchen facilities, television and DVD player.

There is also a beautifully maintained garden courtyard for relaxing where functions are held for family and friends throughout the year.

Study time

All boarders are required to attend ‘Prep’compulsory study time four nights a week. Prep is conducted in the school library for years 7 to 10 students and is supervised by resident tutors.

Years 11 and 12 students are free to study in their rooms. 

“Boarding is an experience I wish everyone could have. “The relationships you gain with the people around you are really special. It’s like the relationship you have with your mum or dad. You tell them nearly everything and they always have your back. You are so close with people that you learn a lot about them as well as yourself.” Celia, Year 11.


Boarding Scholarships

Every year CGGS awards a limited number of Gabriel Boarding Scholarships. These Scholarships are funded by The Gabriel Foundation, which exists to gather funds and support for the School. Over the years the Foundation has contributed more than $10 million to the School.

The Gabriel Boarding Scholarships provide up to 50 per cent remission of boarding fees until the completion of Year 12. They are open to existing boarders and prospective boarding students. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, interview, examination, achievements, academic potential as well as previous academic record. They are only open to permanent residents.